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How we work

We invest in the most promising founders — those who are automating, decentralizing, democratizing, and expanding human capabilities.

We want to be the first to invest in your potential, and to support your leadership.

Gypsum Mine Lake, nova scotia
first cheques in high-potential tech

Our portfolios and rolodexes are as diverse as they come. We invest in everything that shows tremendous potential — from DevOps to Digital Health to 3D technology — to help founders raise a Series A and beyond.

When you work with Panache, you are gaining access to been-there-done-that peers and partners who mentor and introduce to investors, experts and consumers.

Curious who we already work with? Check out our portfolio.

We invest in forward-thinking, high-growth, Canadian tech companies.
you should contact us if:

You see a clear problem and have proven it can be solved.


You have assembled a team of innovators to fix the problem.


You have proven the market potential is super-scalable.


You have a commercial product or service.


You are raising a pre-seed or seed round.


You are looking for cheque sizes of $250K to $1M.

our values


We always want you to give it to us straight, and we’ll do the same in return. We like to provide feedback when asked, help you grow as a business and as a person, and build a relationship that goes miles beyond trust.


We believe that diversity makes for better decisions and generates better returns. That’s why Panache partners committed to give 1% of the carried interest to Diversity & Inclusion non-profits.

Continuous support

Mental health is often neglected when starting a business. We’ll support you during highs and lows, through hardships, and in victories.

we’re invested in diversity

Panache’s general partners have committed to donating 1% of their carried interest to fund Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

Panache is an ILPA Diversity In Action signatory. The ILPA Diversity in Action initiative brings together limited partners and general partners who share a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the private equity industry.

Panache's is a Canada51 signatory. Canada51 gathers like-minded organisations and individuals to radically increase women’s participation in the innovation-driven economy.

Panache sits on the Committee of Elle Invest. Elle Invest is an initiative from Réseau Capital to provide a voice to women in Quebec empowering them to achieve success in the VC/PE industry.

Panache's team is on the Executive Committee of Canadian Women in VC. Canadian women in VC is a grassroots organization that gives self-identified female venture capitalists across Canada the opportunity to share best practices, network, and support each others' career development.

Ready to change the world?