• Mike Cegelski

Panache Ventures embraces Angel Partners

When I started as an entrepreneur over 30 years ago, the term “angel investor” was considered an oxymoron. The only investors out there, at least in Canada, were bankers and back then they were not considered angels. Entrepreneurship was not encouraged and mentorship was hard to find.

Entrepreneurialism has since blossomed and today’s ecosystem is so much friendlier and inspiring. As a serial entrepreneur and longtime angel investor, I’m proud to help create a new breed of VC funds that evolves the model of how venture investing has traditionally operated. Most VC firms, including ours, work with “Venture Partners” who can play a critical role in helping funds and startups with deal flow, mentoring, investing, and general advice. At Panache Ventures, we tap an additional invaluable resource that funds often ignore or under-leverage: “angel investors”, who possess the expertise and bandwidth to provide meaningful guidance and commit capital investments in companies they believe in.

Pioneering this approach, Panache Ventures has coined the term “Angel Partner”. Angel Partners are individual Limited Partners in our fund (so, our own investors) who also actively make angel investments in startups. They can co-invest alongside Panache in startups that fit their own investment thesis and criteria. In addition to committing their own capital, Angel Partners can also play a crucial role in helping us generate deal flow. We rely on their expertise, hands-on mentorship, advice, and network to enhance our performance and overall success.

In explicitly recognizing this new role of Angel Partners in our fund, we intend to bridge the gap between angel investors and traditional VCs, thus formalizing how we work together. We are creating a virtuous cycle where our Angel Partners can leverage our infrastructure and team. They benefit from being part of the Panache community by diversifying their own portfolio, gaining access to our global network and using our resources to screen their own proprietary deal flow. This type of dynamic is especially important in our world of early stage startups where advice is highly valued and needed to make the very first decisions that are often the most consequential.

I invite you to learn more about Panache Ventures, our investment thesis, the ability to scale your angel investments, and how we can all benefit by joining forces to make the most out of our time and capital. Just drop us a line at info@panache.vc. Finally, Angels and VCs can unite for the benefit of our founders!

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