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Hunting Unicorns, Canadian-style

(Or, how we’ll build a massively diversified portfolio by investing in the most promising and ambitious Canadian seed stage startups.)

Hello World,

Welcome to the new fresh Panache Ventures blog! Panache is a seed stage VC fund active across Canada (and sometimes beyond), investing in overly ambitious founders and their crazy, innovative and life-changing ideas. We plan to quickly become the most active seed investor in Canada, provide fantastic returns to our own investors and establish our firm and our portfolio as true catalysts for the Canadian tech ecosystem.

Our team is composed of successful startup founders and operators that have years of experience and top-tier track records as angel investors and institutional venture capitalists. Our backgrounds and values give us a founders-first philosophy, which means we consider each of our investments to be a true partnership between Panache and the founding team. We feel privileged being able to do what we do for a living and we have fun doing it - sometimes maybe too much! Without founders willing to innovate and take personal risks, our jobs simply would not exist.

We invest early, we invest often, and we always co-invest with like-minded and relevant funds and private investors. We will place bets on more than 100 startups over the next few years, and work with them to create the next big tech successes in Canada. We look at all types of high potential technologies, with a current emphasis on AI, fintech, cybersecurity, enterprise software, with some occasional frontier tech leaps of faith. We value inclusion in all aspects of venture investing and we will gladly back founders coming from diverse backgrounds, locations, gender, ethnicity, age and lifestyles. We are a small team building a large portfolio and we aim to provide added value (not just money) to all of our companies. We are neither completely “hands-off” or “hands-on” as investors, but we are “hands-if” (more on that later…) and we focus our involvement where it will have the most impact.

The Panache Ventures journey began in 2016 when our three founding partners joined the global 500 Startups team and launched its Canadian fund. This adventure has given us access to a global network of colleagues, sector experts, mentors, and co-investors. It also gave us a unique understanding of the seed stage startup ecosystem across Canada and solid relationships with the accelerators, funds, angel investors and entrepreneurs who push it forward. Now that our focus is on making Panache Ventures Canada's best-performing seed stage venture capital fund, we thank our investors for trusting our team and our investment thesis (and we’re not done fundraising. Inquire within!).

Let’s do this, team. Let’s invest with Panache!

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